Minority Owned Business

CannaCarton is a one hundred percent owned and operated minority business enterprise, proudly employing a diverse team of packaging professionals.  The strength of diversity helps to make CannaCarton a leader in the field of Custom and Child Resistant Packaging. 

Sustainable Materials 

There are many ways to design your product packaging with a focus on sustainability. Every aspect of your packaging has an impact on the overall sustainable picture for your product. We have decades of experience in sustainable packaging, and we are industry leaders with unique forward leaning solutions that will differentiate your brand from the rest of the field. Lets discuss today!


100% made in the USA, by a team of packaging experts who are dedicated to quality. Built into our culture is a quality driven mindset. Over the years we’ve built our culture around processes and tools to measure and verify that every single unit that leaves the manufacturing line has the highest level of quality and safety.

We choose to be independently audited several times a year by various certifying bodies who rate our quality programs among the highest in the world. Specific to cannabis, we are the first and only company in the world to adopt and implement the American Sanitation Institute’s “Cannabis Safety and Quality for Packaging” standard. We’re proud to align with the highest levels of Quality Assurance in the industry.