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An industry leader in brand protection, sustainability, safety, and overall quality, CannaCarton maintains certifications from ASI, SQF, SFI, FSC, and PEFC that demonstrate a commitment to excellence and corporate stewardship. 

As Minority Business Enterprise, CartonCraft employs a diverse team of industry professionals with the experience and insight required to drive success in a modern business environment.  

Now, CannaCarton is the 1?st packaging company in the world to achieve the ASI Cannabis Safety and Quality for Packaging certification, earning an “Excellent” score of 100% in a recent audit. 

“The ASI Cannabis Safety and Quality for Packaging certification was a clear fit for us as we strive for alignment with clients in the cannabis space.  We’re proud to be first to market with this initiative, and credit ASI with having the foresight to develop and implement this standard which will help ensure safety and quality throughout cannabis supply chains,” says Tony Reyes, President of CannaCarton.